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Why Data is the Secret Ingredient in Machine Learning

Machine learning is a process of generalizing from examples. Those examples are the data to learn from. The more of them you have — and the closer they are to what your production system will face — the better. Unfortunately, machine learning is faced with a chicken-and-egg problem. The best data would come from actual […]

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Our Technology

Voicebox’s technology leverages patented Context Management to model human conversation to go beyond the current one-question, one-answer paradigm. Our technology is ranked among the most creative and impactful in the world!

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Our Solutions

Voicebox builds award-winning voice applications for the Auto, Home and Mobile markets. We work with the world’s most respected brands and have shipped millions of products worldwide in more than 20 languages.

Our Company

Voicebox is an industry leader in voice technology, bringing together the skills of a remarkably talented and diverse team. Our Advanced Technology Board includes some of the world’s most respected researchers in areas like machine learning and artificial intelligence.

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