Speech and Natural Language technology is complicated. Voicebox has written the following whitepapers to help developers and technical decision-makers understand how voice processing works and can enhance your products.

Automated Speech Recognition (ASR)

An overview of the history of ASR, how ASR works, the difficulties ASR faces and how Voicebox provides robust ASR performance under real-world conditions.

Conversational Assistants – The Coming Swarm

An exploration of two likely technology paths in Voice AI, and why Voicebox believes companies should plan for a distributed “swarm” of loosely-coupled conversational assistants.

Semantic Parsing for Location Intelligence

An overview of Voicebox’s revolutionary Semantic Parsing technology and how it enables “Location Intelligence,” an unparalleled natural user experience in navigation scenarios.

Data in Machine Learning

Machine learning is a process of generalizing from examples. The more examples you have, the better. This paper explores how Voicebox uses training data at each step in a machine learning project and how we overcome the challenges associated with collecting quality data.

Multilingual Semantic Parsing And Code-Switching

The paper K17-1038 we published last year at CoNLL 2017 and written by Voicebox staff, Long Duong, Hadi Afshar, Dominique Estival, Glen Pink, Philip Cohen and Mark Johnson (2017). 

Conversational Intelligences

Through advanced machine-learning algorithms, Voicebox is streamlining conversational artificial intelligence (AI) developments, creating better platforms at a faster pace. See what’s in store for this year and beyond.

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