Our Patents

The VoiceBox Advantage is based on capabilities protected by a patent portfolio that is impressive by any standard. In 2014, the IEEE Patent Power Scorecard ranked VoiceBox’s intellectual property as among the most creative and impactful in the world.

What’s important to our customers, of course, is how we leverage our intellectual property to create differentiated products:

The ability to use context and other information to better understand the intent of a user request:

We use this ability to let your customers ask questions across many topics in any order they want. They can also ask follow-up questions to create more of an ‘exploratory’ experience with information, versus static queries.

The ability to personalize the output/response to a query based on context and other user information:

We use this ability to create a more engaging, and more efficient, application. For example, we can let a user define and ask for their “morning report” without having to repeat each individual query every morning.

The ability to serve up advertising in your Personal Assistant application, based on context and other information:

This lets our customers incorporate an advertising business model in a way that is personalized and can be delivered so as not to be intrusive to the user.


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