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Voicebox Cloud Product Announcement

Building on our deep experience with conversational interfaces, Voicebox is proud to announce Voicebox Cloud, our next-generation conversational AI platform. Voicebox Cloud manages the complexities of voice and natural language, making it easy for businesses to add natural, conversational user experiences to their products and customer interactions.

Customers are drawn to the ease of voice and conversational interaction, yet despite the advantages of these technologies, they encounter many obstacles to adoption.

  • Business decision-makers lack efficient ways to begin development, test results, and harness conversational AI benefits and thus risk being left behind.
  • Most enterprise leaders lack existing AI-oriented infrastructures and wonder if they must redesign their existing front-end applications and back-end systems to accommodate conversational AI.
  • Conversational interfaces from Amazon, Microsoft, and Google obscure third-party brands in favor of their own, making it difficult for businesses to maintain their branding.
  • AI technologies are dauntingly complex — even to experts — requiring Ph.D.s with training in voice interfaces to use existing tools on the market.

Voicebox Cloud is built to address the pain points business leaders face in showcasing their brands in the world of voice.

  • Voicebox Cloud enables rapid conversational systems development, helping business leaders and product managers quickly evaluate where Conversational AI could add value to their businesses.
  • Voicebox Cloud’s advanced AI delivers more business value at a lower development cost than last-generation systems by giving developers streamlined, web-based tools for building conversational experiences that best help your end users.
  • Out-of-the-box application programming interfaces (APIs) for sharing data between Voicebox Cloud and your back-end systems make it easy to import your application ontology or taxonomy, domain-specific information such as your product catalogs, and representative utterances from your users into the Voicebox Cloud to use in building your conversational interfaces.
  • A powerful analytics dashboard with easy APIs for integrating conversation data and analytics with your back-end systems and existing BI processes mean sophisticated data analytics enable you to assess customer interactions in near real-time, spotting emerging trends and increasing your business’s ability to respond quickly.
  • Voicebox Cloud enables you to extend your business branding by adding conversationality to your existing customer channels, rather than obscuring your brands under Alexa, Cortana, or Google Assistant.
  • Voicebox Cloud delivers complex AI technology in an easy-to-use form so any non-specialist developer can leverage it immediately, even without prior AI expertise.

Voicebox Cloud promotes the latest in conversational AI machine learning techniques and technologies, including:

  • an assortment of classifiers and labelers to suit a wide range of scenarios,
  • a core deep learning engine,
  • automated training data generation and diversification for preliminary models,
  • model behavior driven by your product ontologies or taxonomies, and
  • a built-in continuous improvement cycle, enabling your conversational AI experience to increase in breadth and depth the more customers use it.

Voicebox knows future business revenue growth relies heavily on engaging and re-engaging customers in an evermore competitive landscape. Voicebox Cloud delivers conversational AI experiences that will keep customers satisfied — and coming back.

Voicebox Cloud’s power comes from a revolutionary set of “conversational intelligences.” These build on Voicebox’s world-class natural language technology to provide an easy starting point for creating your own intelligent conversational applications. Our conversational intelligences bridge the substantial engineering gap between laboratory-grade AI research code and robust, commercial-grade AI products.

Conversational intelligences are tailored to common use cases and supply a large fraction of the functionality necessary for conversational interfaces, leaving only a small amount of custom engineering work to deliver a winning solution.

Voicebox’s roadmap of conversational intelligences includes: Product Intelligence, which gives conversational applications the ability to hold smart conversations with customers about products; Location Intelligence, which enables stress-free navigation experiences, acting as a smart co-pilot to help drivers identify and reach their destinations even in unfamiliar geographic regions; Customer Care Intelligence, which supports customer assistance, product repair, and delivery scenarios; and Device Intelligence, which provides both the operating manual and access to device operating functions in a conversational style and other devices-related capabilities the Internet of Things (IoT) requires. Each intelligence includes a robust feature set and a showcase demonstration of those features that jumpstarts solution development in those spaces.

The first key feature of Product Intelligence is Semantic Search, which gives your search engines conversational capabilities by mapping naturally-spoken customer queries onto your existing search infrastructures. Voicebox Cloud doesn’t make you build new search engines; it just lets customers talk to the one you already have to intuitively find the products they really want.

Built on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and leveraging robust, internet-scale cloud computing platforms from Kubernetes and OpenShift while exploiting the latest frameworks for containerization, service development, and security, Voicebox Cloud is ready for high-volume scenarios. By leveraging Web APIs in a service-oriented architecture, Voicebox Cloud is both flexible and easy to integrate into your existing systems. And with our unique, easy-to-use Conversation Builder platform, you can add conversational capabilities many times faster than with competing platforms.

The beta release of Voicebox Cloud will be in the first quarter of 2018 with general availability in the second quarter. We will roll out additional Product Intelligence features — including purchasing, comparisons, recommendations, and others — later in the year with other conversational intelligences to follow.

Ubiquitous conversational capabilities have been Voicebox’s vision for over a decade. And using today’s high-performance computing hardware, Voicebox Cloud makes the vision a reality.

Contact info@voicebox.com to learn how you can be included in our pre-release evaluation program.

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