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Lexus Car Information System will be imported into Xevo

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Xevo, a provider of automotive software, announced that it has partnered with Lexus’s Lexus brand to import Xevo’s Journeyware technology for all Lexus models such as the LC500, which is equipped with the Enform App Suite 2.0 system. The technology allows driving more safely in the use of mobile App and related services, to bring more intelligent and more interactive car experience.

According to Telematics News, Enform App Suite 2.0 is a Lexus luxury car’s in-car data entertainment system. After importing Xevo Journeyware, Lexus cars equipped with Enform App Suite 2.0 will have better networking and entertainment.

Xevo Journeyware enhances the Lexus LC500’s high-performance design by driving the use of mobile App, content and services, integrating digital life and in-car experience. Enform App Suite 2.0 built-in iHeartRadio, NPR One and Yelp and other popular mobile App, as well as Lexus own gasoline prices, sports and stock App.

In addition, in a particular Lexus model, the hands-free voice recognition system provided by Voicebox makes App Suite’s features easier to use and control, making driving more secure when driving.

All Lexus models introduced with Xevo technology will also feature voice-activated content service and navigation capabilities created by Xevo and Voicebox. Voicebox specializes in Contextual Natural Language Understanding (NLU) technology and works with Xevo for many years to build a seamless, voice-based, cross-device experience.

Voicebox technology uses Xevo Journeyware to connect between mobile phones and vehicles to create a unified voice interface, so driving driving without distraction can easily and safely use mobile services and App.

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