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Conversational Voice Technology

Our patented Context Management creates applications that go beyond the competition’s goal of recognizing a single question, to understanding a full conversation. You can ask natural follow−up questions within a topic. And we also, uniquely, follow context across multiple topics.



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“The key to the emerging multimodal interface is context management.”

MIT - IEEE Research, 2013

The VoiceBox Advantage: Context Management

VoiceBox tracks context throughout the conversation.  This frees you from having to repeat the domain for every question and allows you to easily jump across multiple topics.  And our patented Context Management can be leveraged to coordinate multiple input modes like voice, gesture and touch into an integrated, multi-modal application.

Embedded? Cloud?
No One Needs To Know!

We leveraged our embedded and server expertise to pioneer a Seamless Connected Car Experience. Unlike other solutions, VoiceBox doesn’t require users to know whether content is on the device or in the cloud. Just ask the question naturally. (Our Intelligent Hybrid Architecture takes care of it!)



“But wait, there's more”
Custom Grammar Databases Improve Recognition In ‘Deep Domains’ Like Music

Competitors ask you to use one general grammar to recognize what the user is saying. Problem is some topics, like Music or you own enterprise information, are huge and change constantly. VoiceBox builds custom grammars and employs other techniques that improve recognition.

Advertising, Promotion and M−Commerce

With the patented ability to use query intelligence to target messages and offers, VoiceBox can help you develop new revenue streams! For example, a consumer is ordering a pizza, they’d likely appreciate a coupon. You’ve taken on the cost of acquiring the customer – why let search engine companies take the after-market revenue?

Personal Assistant Interface

Our Conversational Voice applications benefit from interface capabilities that leverage advanced techniques. We can help you develop an interface with a range of interactive, proactive and personal features such as alerts, recommendations — even a personality.


It takes a lot to develop compelling voice applications. Our technology is supported by a broad range of services that come together to create superior products. (Check out our Services section).

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