VoiceBox solutions can be customized to your specific market needs or across devices to 'connect' those experiences!

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    Connected Car

    An acknowledged market leader, VoiceBox developed the world’s first in-car natural language application. We then pioneered the connected car trend, creating seamless conversational access to in-car and cloud-based functions. We’re now working with partners to integrate mobile and home devices into the driving experience.

    VoiceBox optimizes the balance between deep, flexible functionality and safety.

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    Connected Home

    All the advantages of VoiceBox are now being deployed with leaders in home electronics and home systems markets! From voice controlled television to home climate control – even feed your dog remotely from your car or cellphone!

    VoiceBox was an early pioneer in set-top box applications, where the ability to navigate directly into deeply nested data is critical.

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    Shipping throughout the world, our Conversational Voice and Personal Assistant capabilities create the most compelling mobile computing products. On your cellphone, tablet or wearable – the VoiceBox Advantage is clear.

    VoiceBox is working with leaders in the mobile computing market to build Conversational Personal Assistant applications.

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    What's Next?

    We’re working with partners to deploy our vision of integrated, device-independent conversational voice access to a world of information and services. Our world-renowned team is integrating cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies into our solutions.

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