Build a great voice product without ceding control
of your customer/information to a tech giant!

NLU figures out the meaning and intent
of text using Artificial Intelligence and our
patented Context Management.

ASR converts speech
into text. Both embedded
and cloud available.

TTS is the voice of your product.
We offer ‘characters’ and children
voices, or we can build one just
for you.

IoT Building a new product?
Our hardware reference
design provides the blueprint.

Voice Biometrics tells your
Product who’s speaking, for
a multi-person capability or
user authentication.

Developer Portal simplifies the entire
Development process, and also lets you try out
our TTS and ASR.

And VoiceBox can help you in the early stages of product development!

Product Design

Our Product Team can help you design differentiated voice applications.  We’re proud of the experience and creativity we bring to these efforts and enjoy working together with our partners.

User Experience Design

VoiceBox has more voice application experience than anyone in the business. We can help your UX team best integrate the use of voice into their designs, as well as emerging input technologies such as gesture. We can also provide TTS technology and work with you to design engaging natural language responses.

Why VoiceBox?

A fair question, with a lot of tech giants jumping into the market. Aside from providing a better voice interface, there’s another important reason… VoiceBox isn’t looking to control your customer experience!

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