Our Story

VoiceBox is one of the true pioneers in Natural Language Understanding.  With a decade of experience, we provide a full range of technology and services to help you build truly compelling voice applications. The VoiceBox Advantage comes from award-winning, patented Conversational Voice Technology and our Intelligent Hybrid Architecture. Our extensive language-localization capabilities can support your global product strategy. Known for its innovation, VoiceBox was ranked in the Top 15 by the respected Power Patent Scorecard review.

We are proud to have been cited as having one of the most impactful intellectual property assets in the world. We serve and partner with companies like Toyota, AT&T, Pioneer, Chrysler, Dodge, Renault, Fiat, and TomTom, so you know we work to high standards. VoiceBox has been deployed in applications on mobile phones, in-car systems, personal navigation devices, PCs/tablets, entertainment systems, smartTVs and wearables. Headquartered in Bellevue, WA, we have offices in Europe and Asia.  VoiceBox delivers products around the world in several languages.  That’s reflected in our multi-cultural team from nearly 30 countries.  That diversity is a big part of who we are as a company!

Our Vision

We developed our capabilities with a vision that is quickly becoming a reality – that ‘computing’ will become increasingly mobile, involving a growing variety of connected devices that will demand an interface that goes beyond the PC-GUI. With a more usable interface, consumers’ appetite for content and services will drive exponential growth. Inherent in this activity is ‘user intelligence’ that can be used to drive useful and engaging personalization and also after-market revenue. We work with the best partners in our markets. We aim to provide them with superior, useful application interfaces that create differentiated products. And can also help them develop a monetization platform that includes promotion and e-commerce revenue opportunity.

Our Leadership


Co−Founder, Chairman, and CEO

Mike Kennewick has over 24 years of computer software experience. After holding various management roles at Digital Equipment Corporation, he moved to Microsoft in 1981. At Microsoft, Mike was responsible for formulating the business development strategy and for the initial launch and OEM sales for MS-DOS® and Windows®. He and his team closed many of the original deals for MS-DOS and the first 20+ deals for Windows. Mike was also the founder of Saros Corporation, a pioneer in the document management software business. The Saros document management system was installed in over 200 Fortune 500 companies. Saros was successfully sold to FileNET, where its products form the core of FileNET’s product architecture. Mike has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Washington.


Co-Founder and President

Rich Kennewick has over 20 years industry experience in sales and senior management at top content and information management software companies including Interleaf, Saros, FileNET, and Adobe Systems. Rich was Vice President of Sales for Chilisoft and was instrumental in selling the company to Cobalt Networks, which was later sold to Sun Microsystems. Rich was also president and founder of Axxess Software Technologies, an XML content management company.


Co−Founder and CTO

Bob Kennewick has over 15 years of software development experience, including 10 years of specializing in Internet development. He is considered a pioneer of the Internet industry and has received a number of awards for his early work. Bob developed the first Internet-enabled document management system application for Saros. He subsequently built a 60-person engineering team at Webforia, where he successfully developed 4 commercial software applications: Organizer, Reporter, Clickbar, and Web Portal Engine. Numerous Fortune 500 companies have licensed his software over the years. Bob’s education is in both computer science and economics. He did his BS Computer Science at the University of Washington; as a Harvard Economist, Bob began researching how people communicate in imperfect conditions, and much of his PhD work there formed the foundation of VoiceBox’s intellectual property.


Chief Financial Officer

Todd Kenck is a technology finance veteran of 20 years, serving as both CFO and investment banker. Todd previously served as CFO for NeoEdge Networks, an advertising and media company and eFax.com, a NASDAQ company where he directed the company’s acquisitions and strategic relationships, which included negotiating the company’s merger with J2 Global Communications. In previous positions, Todd was a managing director for Trilogy Capital Partners and an investment banker with Volpe Brown Whelan & Company where he completed dozens of IPOs, private financings, and mergers. Todd has a B.S. from the University of Montana and an MBA from Harvard Business School.


Chief Strategy Officer and SVP of Marketing

Victor Melfi Jr. is Chief Strategy Officer at VoiceBox Technologies. In over three decades of professional experience, he has been CEO of both public and private companies, a technology venture capitalist and consultant to CEOs of many of the world’s largest companies. His experience combines deep functional skills in Strategy, Marketing, Analytics and System Development. A respected thought-leader, Victor authored the best-selling book, Mobile Advertising (2008) which was released in Korean in 2013. He is an acknowledged pioneer in the area of Connected Devices.


Executive Vice President, Special Projects

Brad Bargen joined VoiceBox after serving as a Vice President of Product Development at Nuance Communications. Over the years, he’s built everything from communication satellites at Hughes Space and Communications, to video games at WildTangent, to mobile phone platforms at Wildseed and Tegic/AOL. Brad was solving real-world problems with big data analytics and graph analysis before it was called big data, pioneering the deployment of a fraud detection system with Northrop Grumman and the County of Los Angeles, where the system he designed is still in operation and has saved the county many millions of dollars


Executive Vice President, Business Development, Asia

Mei-Jui Lin has over 25 years in public relations and business development in both commercial real state and the import export business. She is active in the political arena between Taiwan and the United States and has developed very strong business connections in Asia, including relationships with investment groups, manufacturers, and high-tech OEMs and distribution companies.


Chief Scientist, Artificial Intelligence and Vice President, Advanced Technologies

Dr. Philip Cohen is internationally known for his work in multimodal systems and artificial intelligence. Dr. Cohen is one of the founders of the field of human-computer dialogue, natural language processing and multimodal interaction. He has five patents, and previously served as founder and CEO of Adapx.


Vice President, Global Automotive Sales and Business Development

Dave Peterson has over 20 years experience in the automotive industry. Prior to joining VoiceBox in 2004, he was Director of Business Development at Johnson Controls, a leading Tier 1 automotive supplier. Dave was instrumental in the assimilation of two European Tier 1 acquisitions, serving as Sales Director in the Strasbourg, France office and Key Account Manager in the European headquarters in Burscheid, Germany. He went on to establish a presence for Johnson Controls with automotive OEM planning offices in California, where he helped position Johnson Controls as a leading supplier of electronics products. Dave has held management positions with several automotive OEMs and worked as a consultant after graduate school. Since joining VoiceBox, he has created business partnerships with Toyota, Renault, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, TomTom, Fujitsu Ten, Pioneer, Panasonic, Mazda, Subaru, XM Satellite Radio, and Johnson Controls. Dave has an MBA from the University of Chicago and an Honors BA in Philosophy and Economics from the University of Utah.

Tom Gotuzzo

Vice President, Global Sales and Business Development

Tom Gotuzzo has a unique background combining finance, technology, business development and sales acumen in diversified international work environments for start-ups and multi-billion organizations, covering consumer electronics, telecom, home controls (IoT), technology, licensing/OEM/SaaS for software and hardware. Prior to joining VoiceBox, Tom was a founding member at Navvo and served as the SVP of Sales and Marketing securing distribution in over 20 countries. Tom launched Sprint wireless as a startup and various other Bay area startups as well as running 3rd Party National Retail and Operations for T-Mobile USA. Tom is head of the mobile, home and IoT business.

Advisory Board

VoiceBox has assembled some of the most respected experts in key technologies that are shaping the future of our next-generation NLU -- artificial intelligence, machine learning, semantic parsing, and more.

They help guide, and themselves represent, our significant investments in cutting edge technology to further enhance our IP, which is already acknowledged as among the most impactful in the world today.

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